Hot Yoga
Teacher Training
Sept 6, 2023 - Nov 12, 2023
Wed, 5pm - 9pm
Fri, 5pm - 9pm
Sat & Sun, 9am - 6:30pm (at Flatiron studio)
Our goal is to provide the tools necessary to be able to teach an Original Hot Yoga Class after completion of the course. Depending on the background of the trainee some participants will feel comfortable teaching immediately and others will need more time to hone their skills. In each case, the experience you will get from attending the training will be life-changing!

This training will be a hybrid training to make it as accessible as possible to everyone. There will be a combination of In-person and Zoom classes. If you live out of town and wish to only participate via Zoom please email to discuss this option.

Multiple ways to participate in Teacher Training.

OHYA - 26 and 2 Training- Yoga path to certification

300 Hours
(Early bird special available until Aug 15th, 2023)
Included in the price: 

Unlimited Yoga at bode nyc Studios for 10 weeks - Value $622
3 Months BOD - Value $ 453
Month Live stream access - Value $ 267
Membership to OHYA - Value $125
Total perks valued at -$1059

If you are on the path to Yoga certification you will be required to take 6 classes a week ( 3 in-person minimum) You will have required reading, group study hours, and weekly journaling. You will have the ability to make up any lost session through Zoom recordings. In order to get the full benefit and experience of this training, it is recommended that you plan to be available to take all of the sessions with the group. The amount of time taken off will have to be discussed in advance. Bode NYC does not guarantee employment after completing this training.

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Deepen your Practice - Non-Certification

200 Hours
You will receive 3 months of free BOD subscription, Free online classes, and half-price In-studio membership.

If you are on the path to Deepen your Practice you do not have to take a minimum number of classes per week. You will not have required reading and does not include unlimited yoga but a discount of half price for in-studio classes.

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Continuing Education for OHYA Members

20 Hours

If you are a member of OHYA you are required to obtain 30 hours of CE within 3 years. This CE program will give you 20 hours of CE credits that will require you to join our posture clinics to deepen your knowledge of the poses, practice your dialogue and obtain more knowledge of how to incorporate yoga concepts into your class.

Each session includes the following:

  • Yama or Niyama
  • Posture Breakdown
  • Elements of the poses
  • Modifications
  • End with Yoga Nidra on the Focus of the week
  • Q and A
  • Dialogue Overview of the weekly posture
  • How to embody the Yamas and Niyamas in your teaching

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In a rather turbulent era of a new normal being established globally, a time during which humans are changing the structure of their everyday lives, Donna Rubin sensed an unoccupied space and put her ability as how to flow with the current into action. In Fall 2022 she orchestrated and led Bodē Teacher Training in such a manner, that if one had a calling, but life’s circumstances could not permit the travel to another country or elsewhere, one could easily honor the call. A combination between the virtual and the in person learning, by seamlessly combining technology, via Zoom and live teaching, Donna succeeded in assembling a World class faculty and trainees from three different continents, who dove deep into all aspects of yoga. Her approach removed almost every limitation which could leave potential eager to become a teacher person’s call unanswered. 

After 10 years of intense practicing of traditional Hot yoga, making it the strongest pillar of my life, and after many late nights fits of contemplating, dreaming and decision making I have finally realized I had to attend this teacher training. I entered it with no expectations, as a true yogi should. But what soon occurred, after each day of being deeply myself, together with others and on Zoom, nevertheless, was me feeling far away, in that perfect learning yoga world, unattached to any other practicality of life. Even if it was for six hours only. Hour by hour, day after day, the trainees studying and engaging with each other and with teachers, the wholesomeness, balance, the deeper understanding and verifications of yoga were built. 

Donna clearly recognizes that yoga is evolving and will continue to evolve. However, she honors the principles of its therapy existing in the traditional practice. Her persistence in seeking the truth, whether in the history of yoga as we know it or in an anatomical honoring of our bodies, when in asanas, resulted in trainees being blessed with brilliantly and excitingly clever teachers. Among them are Barbara Leese, Jennifer Reis, and from the Gosh/Bikram lineage, Scott Lamps, Ida Jo and Jimmy Barkan. Thanks to them and a 10 week long training an infinite platform was established for me and I am now open to the wonders of possibility. 

Teaching is a very powerful action, but I knew from the beginning of the teacher training how it must be respected, and how it will make me a lifetime student. THAT feeling - me finally being able to stand up in front of many in the hot room and lead them through their yoga practice while being my authentic self, speaking instructions in what is now “cleaned up” proper English with proper anatomical vocabulary dialogue, is simply incredible. However, the training left me with a deep understanding of how the teaching is for the students. How they are the best part. How I must lead students humbly, assist them and create enough space for them to go into their own self reflections through the asanas and then beyond. I am now ready to share tools and ideas with them and most importantly I know how to step back so yoga takes over and does its magic. 

Yoga and my first Bodē Teacher Training has made me feel and live with clarity, simplicity and intensity, but always in the highest respect.

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- Irena Mernik

Main Representative of IFIMES International Institute for Middle East and Balkan Studies to the United Nations

The teacher training has completely changed my practice. I now have a vast knowledge of not only how to do each posture safely and at the same time more deeply, but also why we do each posture. Donna's vast knowledge and experiences both a yoga instructor and a classical dancer make the posture clinics alone invaluable! Also, learning about the history of yoga, where it comes from and why we do it, plus taking a deep dive into anatomy, gives a foundation that creates a much more profound sense of understanding that can only enrich the experience of the class for both the teacher and the students.

- Mark Nadler

International Award Winning Cabaret Performer

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