Meditation Class

Donna is always happiest while teaching others to be their best self. You can find Donna teaching at BODĒ NYC while she is in New York. Or participate in online classes in Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra meditation. Donna is available for private online classes and specializes in preparing brand new students for their first class with her signature Intro to Hot Yoga private session.  

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Private Yoga Classes and Teacher Mentoring

First time Students- For beginners who would like to be prepared for their first class, who would like  more information about the poses as well as suggested modifications to have the best experience
Yoga Practitioners- For those students who have been practicing for a long time and are looking for ways to improve their practice as well as ask questions about the poses.
Yoga Teachers- For beginner teachers as well as experienced teachers and studio owners who are looking to improve their teaching skills and renew their passion for teaching.

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Teacher Training

Donna has spent the last 25 years thinking about what the best teacher training would look like. Donna created the bode nyc teacher training to bring Hot Yoga to the next level. Donna is uniquely positioned to understand what elements need to be included in a teacher training. Understanding that getting a wide perspective by hiring experts in their field to compliment her expertise as a studio owner, mentor and coach. With 2 teacher trainings under her belt, she is preparing for the third teacher training in 2023.

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Business Coaching

Donna is available to share her knowledge about opening and running a yoga studio. At one time Donna with her partner Jen owned 7 yoga studios including locations in Canada, Baltimore and The Hamptons. She has experience opening studios in the most difficult city to open any business and has experience selling businesses, moving locations and closing locations. Bode nyc formerly Bikram Yoga NYC was the first fitness and wellness business that started the boutique fitness trend. The idea of specializing in one modality, with a schedule of the same class every 1 to 2 hours, and multiple locations in New York City the idea inspired many other styles of fitness to follow in the same footsteps with Soul Cycle being the first and most successful boutique fitness with the same model.  

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In a rather turbulent era of a new normal being established globally, a time during which humans are changing the structure of their everyday lives, Donna Rubin sensed an unoccupied space and put her ability as how to flow with the current into action. In Fall 2022 she orchestrated and led Bodē Teacher Training in such a manner, that if one had a calling, but life’s circumstances could not permit the travel to another country or elsewhere, one could easily honor the call. A combination between the virtual and the in person learning, by seamlessly combining technology, via Zoom and live teaching, Donna succeeded in assembling a World class faculty and trainees from three different continents, who dove deep into all aspects of yoga. Her approach removed almost every limitation which could leave potential eager to become a teacher person’s call unanswered. 

After 10 years of intense practicing of traditional Hot yoga, making it the strongest pillar of my life, and after many late nights fits of contemplating, dreaming and decision making I have finally realized I had to attend this teacher training. I entered it with no expectations, as a true yogi should. But what soon occurred, after each day of being deeply myself, together with others and on Zoom, nevertheless, was me feeling far away, in that perfect learning yoga world, unattached to any other practicality of life. Even if it was for six hours only. Hour by hour, day after day, the trainees studying and engaging with each other and with teachers, the wholesomeness, balance, the deeper understanding and verifications of yoga were built. 

Donna clearly recognizes that yoga is evolving and will continue to evolve. However, she honors the principles of its therapy existing in the traditional practice. Her persistence in seeking the truth, whether in the history of yoga as we know it or in an anatomical honoring of our bodies, when in asanas, resulted in trainees being blessed with brilliantly and excitingly clever teachers. Among them are Barbara Leese, Jennifer Reis, and from the Gosh/Bikram lineage, Scott Lamps, Ida Jo and Jimmy Barkan. Thanks to them and a 10 week long training an infinite platform was established for me and I am now open to the wonders of possibility. 

Teaching is a very powerful action, but I knew from the beginning of the teacher training how it must be respected, and how it will make me a lifetime student. THAT feeling - me finally being able to stand up in front of many in the hot room and lead them through their yoga practice while being my authentic self, speaking instructions in what is now “cleaned up” proper English with proper anatomical vocabulary dialogue, is simply incredible. However, the training left me with a deep understanding of how the teaching is for the students. How they are the best part. How I must lead students humbly, assist them and create enough space for them to go into their own self reflections through the asanas and then beyond. I am now ready to share tools and ideas with them and most importantly I know how to step back so yoga takes over and does its magic. 

Yoga and my first Bodē Teacher Training has made me feel and live with clarity, simplicity and intensity, but always in the highest respect.

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- Irena Mernik

Main Representative of IFIMES International Institute for Middle East and Balkan Studies to the United Nations

I have been practicing hot yoga with Donna at bodenyc (formerly bikramyoga nyc) for 23 years. This yoga has been an integral and essential part of my life for the past few decades. Donna is a wonderful teacher, who is both passionate and intensely knowledgeable about the practice. I was introduced to hot yoga while I was a musical theater performer, and my consistent practice allowed me to maintain not only physical health, but a sense of incredible vitality and mental focus.  

I continued to practice while getting my masters in speech pathology and sustained my energy and health while working many, many hours in a hospital. I suffer from ulcerative colitis, which, at times, is debilitating. Practicing hot yoga at bodenyc has been an incredibly vital tool in maintaining my health and energy. The benefits are endless. I have witnessed improvements in joint mobility, internal health and mental clarity.  Practicing regularly with Donna has definitely changed my life and I intend to continue for as long as I am able to.

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- Sophie A

I was first introduced to hot yoga over twenty years ago and was immediately drawn to it’s benefits. Practicing in the heat was reminiscent of taking dance classes in non-air-conditioned studios, while growing up in New York City  – the body’s strength and flexibility are fully activated. As a dancer I began using the hot yoga series as a warm-up on performance days. The practice gives me a mind-body-spiritual connection like no other, though there is no mention of spirituality in the class. The class has become my moving meditation/prayer. Owners Donna Rubin and Jen Lobo run a tight ship, Bode’s facilities are well operated - always bright, clean, and welcoming.

All the instructors are top-notch, Donna Rubin’s no non-sense approach to teaching creates a productive environment, inviting students to strive for their very best, while leaving space for first timers and modification if needed. Though the classes can be arduous, once completed, the ‘feel good’ payoff is like no other. As I now transition into a ‘seasoned citizen’, my hot yoga practice keeps me strong and focused. I am grateful for the amazing service and sense of yoga community Bode has established.

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- Byron Easley

Choreographer/Associate Arts Professor, NYU/Tisch

The teacher training has completely changed my practice. I now have a vast knowledge of not only how to do each posture safely and at the same time more deeply, but also why we do each posture. Donna's vast knowledge and experiences both a yoga instructor and a classical dancer make the posture clinics alone invaluable! Also, learning about the history of yoga, where it comes from and why we do it, plus taking a deep dive into anatomy, gives a foundation that creates a much more profound sense of understanding that can only enrich the experience of the class for both the teacher and the students.

- Mark Nadler

International Award Winning Cabaret Performer

Make no mistake you WILL get feedback when you teach the Original Hot Yoga from a multitude of sources, i.e. students, teachers and studio owners. The two best things you can do are 1) seek out a teacher/mentor to help you learn how to process and implement the feedback you are receiving and 2) grow your relationship with this trusted teacher so you are clear about your understanding of the feedback as it relates to your practice and your teaching.

I have been teaching Original Hot Yoga for twelve years and I have searched for this type of support throughout my tenure of teaching, and I feel fortunate to have found Donna Rubin. She took my class and then made herself available to discuss her thoughts with me immediately after the class. Donna was sensitive to where I am in my iteration of teaching, which is important because she clearly understands that egos can easily be bruised. She was, however, relentlessly direct in pointing out the changes and improvements that are necessary for me to make in order to evolve my already well-established style.

Asking for and being open to receiving feedback from a coach or mentor is one of the most challenging elements of continuing to grow as a strong Original Hot Yoga Teacher but what is more challenging yet is finding a mentor to begin or continue that process. I can guarantee you are on the right path if you choose to work with Donna Rubin.

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- Jen Ruschell

Co owner Yoga Steady

My first hot yoga class was during my last year as a professional dancer, and how I wished I had discovered it sooner! Aside from the physical benefits of simultaneous, no-impact strengthening and stretching, I learned about breath, meditation, and connecting to myself. Not to mention the post-practice feeling -- No wonder we keep going back.

All of these positives became even more important as I transitioned from a dance career to having children, going back to school, and teaching, all activities that steer us away from self-care to give to others. The rare yoga class at that time was a refuge and a treat. Eventually, I carved out three times per week as a non-negotiable necessity, and through many milestones, joys, losses, covid, divorce, yoga has been a constant that helps to reconnect me with my body and my self. An old ritual  that helps me keep learning and letting go of what does not serve me.
I am filled with gratitude for the practice and for the community at Bode -- I've practiced alongside you for almost 25 years! That first class with Donna at the midtown location in 1999 changed my life forever. She is amazing. And I can't imagine living without it.

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- Nicole Duffy Robertson

co-founder and Associate Artistic Director of New York Dance Project.
Program Advisor Ballet Hispanico

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